Introducing iRender GPURental – Cloud GPU & CPU server rental service

April 25, 2020
April 25, 2020 iRender

2020 is a pivotal year marking iRender’s development. We have officially launched iRender GPURentalCloud GPU & CPU rental server services – an IaaS (Infrastructure As A Service). The event marked the birth of a problem-solving that has been developed and improved for nearly one year thanks to customers’ feedback, who are looking for a GPU and CPU rendering solution that could skip the common technical pitfalls in the rendering process.

iRender GPURental Introduction - Cloud GPU & CPU server rental service

Our farm currently contains hundreds of servers with different configurations of graphics cards per server that can be used to speed up anything from 3D scenes to big data projects that could take advantage of the hardware.

Our Server Configuration 2:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 – 6700/7700k (@4.00-4.20 GHz)
  • RAM: 64 GB
  • GPU: 6X GTX 1080Ti, 11GB VRAM
  • GPU Architecture: Pascal, GP102
  • Fabrication Process: 14nm / 16nm
  • Storage: 512GB
  • Price: $4.25/node/hour

20% BONUS one-time recharge of more than $150

Watch our video while testing a 6 Card GTX 1080 Ti server:

Using GPURental service as simple as:

  1. Sign up an account here and sign in our system.
  2. Create system image: click the “Create system image” button to generate your first Windows system image.
  3. Access to system & Setup: we will provide you a .rdp (Remote Desktop Connection) file with a user name and password to access your Windows image on the server. Then you would need to install the software like on a regular workstation. Our Support Team is at your disposal to guide you, and provide you the best service possible.
  1. Data transfer: The easiest way to transfer files to the rental server is uploading your files on a cloud storage solution like Google Drive or Dropbox or by copying directly via RDP… Then you simply download your files from the direct link to the remote server’s location right after logging in the machine or install the Dropbox/ GG drive on the remote server.
  2. Payment methods: we accept payment through PayPal, bank transfer, or credit card. See here for pricing or contact us if you have any questions.

So why we create the server rental service?

Remote Connection

This is a viable solution for both film studios and individuals. Studios nowadays tend to eliminate physical workspace, so that artists from all over the world can work together to make a movie without having to worry about distance problems. That requires a cloud-based virtual platform to reside data in sharing storage.

iRender developed GPURental service in that way, ensure that all team members are able to connect to files they work on and handle it right on the rental machine without any barriers.

Cost optimization

Firstly, the issue is about machinery maintenance, especially for studios in film and games which need to use computers frequently and need to upgrade their systems a few times in a decade. The expense for that maintenance is surely not a small number.

Secondly, our solution helps customers get many benefits in setting up a network of machines, saving office rental rates, prevent money being wasted in hiring system administrators to set up and maintain machines’ operation, on top of that, they reduce maintenance costs. At iRender, with GPURental service, the system will automatically calculate the total costs depending on your real-time working, without an extra fee.

The importance of support

We have a team of experts including customer support agents, system administrators, and 3d technical artists who are online and at your disposal at any time of the day, 7 days a week. If you experience any issue or have any questions in mind, all you need to do is reach out through our live chat on skype / Whatsapp or simply pick up your phone to call directly and tell us with your inquiries. We will troubleshoot it for you and assist you through the process at soonest.
We hope our service will help everyone in the 3d industry. You don’t need to be a studio to get the benefit of renting a processing server. If you are one of the following, we think GPURental will be an optimal choice for you:

In most cases, one of the most common of all headaches for freelance 3D artists is about the budget for hardware which can’t keep up with the client’s requirement. The investment for a better system might exceed your current budget, then you have to refuse your customers, as a result, the limitations in the computer configuration, which is very wasted.
By using our system (GPURental), you could get the job done within an hour or two at a very cheap price. Then what can you do next? You have more time to work, and cultivate a relationship with clients, get more jobs, and become richer.

Students & Teachers
Working on our servers with high-performance GPU and CPU workstation helps you save the amount of money for investing to upgrade your computer at an affordable price that costs you in hourly fees.
At iRender, we always have special discount programs or sponsorships for all educators to help them get a boost for their 3D artist career. Just send us an email with your certificate of enrollment of the current year and your username on, we will give you extra points or bonus time to use the system.

Customers trust us

We attempt to provide high-performance servers for customers. Therefore we offered this service to some of the best 3D artists we knew and listened to their feedback. Here are a few words from early customers:

“What you mentioned helped us solve the problem! You are amazing, Thank you very much, will definitely be using you guys”Duong Thanh Cong Architect, 3Dsmax & Sketchup.

“Just to let you know I managed to get all renders done at GPURental, and all look fantastic. Thank you again for your help and guidance! We will definitely use you again as well as recommend you to all other suppliers that I know”Matt, Cinema 4D & Blender.

“I highly recommend GPURental! It helps me a lot in completing my project before the deadline. You guys were very responsive and fast. I have been looking for this service for ages, not only for GPUs but also for CPU. The process is simple and super fast in support”Jena- Animator, Maya, After Effects.

Since our official launch of GPURental, we have good satisfaction from our customers in helping them bring the world of 3D art – the task requires complexity and lots of techniques into real life. We commit to working with our best to support artists, designers, data analysts, and whomever to move beyond the constraints of hardware configuration.

Our goal is to empower users with speed, mobility, and accessibility through our powerful servers. We hope to increase the number of servers and hardware in the coming years and foster a community that helps us to supply more.

Thank you for reading! From the bottom of heart, we hope everything goes well with you and your career. Bon, voyage!

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