August 30, 2020 iRender

iRender - An eco - Friendly render farm

In this article, we are going to show you how we made iRender an eco-friendly render farm. What do you do to protect our environment at our office and Data center?

Nowadays we all have heard about sustainability, green buildings and energy efficiency, but, what are we doing to make it happen with our everyday work at the office? At iRender, we are aware of how day-to-day human activities, pollution and over-exploitation of natural resources are affecting the health of our entire planet.

We decided to take action by undertaking some initiatives into our daily work with the aim of creating a better world. Today we’d like to share these actions with you! Let’s get started!

1. Green data center

From the beginning, our sustainable goal is to focus on people. We keep green and keep our planet clean. Our environmental protection program GoGreen is an expression of a strong sense of responsibility. The program’s main objective is to reduce and/or avoid emissions of greenhouse gases and local air pollutants.

The electricity of iRender’s green data center is all generated by solar power which is natural & friendly to the environment. Therefore, every time you use IRender for rendering, you made contributions on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting our green planet.

2. Go paperless

How to cut our environmental footprint? That was one of the question we first asked ourselves when we decided to go green.

We live in a constantly changing and increasingly technological world that brings us the chance to work with clients all around the globe without the need for meeting personally.

We bet on a high-quality online service in which all the communication is made by e-mail or phone. In our render farm, communication is of crucial importance as we believe that a good communication and an absolute understanding of client requirements will bring us our customers’ satisfaction.

Furthermore, we keep things digital whenever possible, even when it comes to reviewing digital comments on-screen, rather than printing them out.

These initiatives allow us to reduce paper usage to almost zero.

3. Reduce the impact of plastics

Our employees are encouraged to bring food from home to office. We give our staff reusable lunch boxes and reusable cloth bag to avoid using disposable ones. This is something within everyone reach that can help to generate the smallest possible quantity of waste and by this way we are minimizing the impact of plastics on the environment in a very simple way.

At iRender, we try to be better and make our customers satisfied day by day. We expect that every time you use our service, you are contributing with us to protect our green planet.

iRender brings a cloud GPU & CPU rental service that lets the users make use of the powerful and robust features of the servers at iRender while using their own computers on their own desk.

Register an account here and enjoy great rendering moments with our services.

If you are already doing anything for the environment at the office, we would love to hear from you!

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