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Nvidia Omniverse collaborates with Maxon

NVIDIA Omniverse is an easily extensible platform for 3D design collaboration and scalable multi-GPU, real-time, true-to-reality simulation. It’s not only accelerates complex 3D workflows, but also enables ground-breaking new ways to visualize, simulate, and code the next frontier of ideas and innovation. Integrating complex technologies such as ray tracing, AI, and computing into 3D pipelines no longer comes at a cost but brings an advantage.

At GTC, NVIDIA announced significant updates for millions of creators using the NVIDIA Omniverse real-time 3D design collaboration platform. Especially Maxon collaboration, let’s find out this interesting information in the article.

Redshift with Omniverse

Redshift is a biased renderer and also the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated. It’s Maxon’s production-class rendering solution. And it is preparing for Omniverse with a full-featured Hydra delegate and support for native Redshift materials within USD.

This enables users in Omniverse to tap into the full power of Redshift as easily as they can within any supported DCC. On the other hand, Redshift’s Hydra delegate first shipped last year for SideFX Solaris and is coming soon for Maya, Katana, and Omniverse.

Cinema4D with Omniverse

Maxon creates professional 3D solutions for the CG industry – Cinema 4D. Its fast, powerful, flexible, and stable toolset makes 3D workflows more accessible. Furthermore, it’s efficient for design, motion graphics, VFX, AR/MR/VR, game development, and all types of visualization professionals. Cinema 4D produces stunning results, whether working on your own or in a team.

Maxon’s Cinema4D now supports USD and is compatible with NVIDIA Omniverse Drive or OmniDrive, unlocking Omniverse workflows for visualization specialists.. 

In Summary

Omniverse ecosystem expansion continues to transform workflows for developers, researchers, and creators around the world. And there is still more to come.

Omniverse artists can now use Pixar HDStorm, Chaos V-Ray, Maxon Redshift and OTOY Octane Hydra render delegates within the viewport of all Omniverse apps. Besides, they can bring more freedom and choice to 3D creative workflows, with Blender Cycles coming soon.

Moreover, artists can switch between the lightning-fast Omniverse RTX Renderer to refining 3D scenes or exporting final projects. Or their preferred renderer, giving them ultimate freedom to create however they like.

“The engineering team and I are excited about NVIDIA Omniverse and its potential to connect people and workflows across the globe. We look forward to exploring its capabilities and bringing world-class solutions to our creative community.”

– Philip Losch | Chief Technology Officer (CTO)| Maxon.

For you

iRender is a Professional GPU-Acceleration Cloud Rendering Service provider for Nvidia Omniverse. The first Omniverse Machinima Ambassador, Pekka Varis, is one of iRender customers. He usually uses GPU servers which has multi-GPUs: RTX 3090 on his project. On the other hand, he created a lot of topics on Omniverse’s forum and share his experience with Omniverse there. You can take a look at one of them here.

Likewise, we are an appropriate and effective service for special software for instance NVIDIA Omniverse. With many servers with powerful performance based on CPU and GPU, users will boost the performance rendering process on their projects.

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Source: www.maxon.net; blogs.nvidia.com

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