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All you need to know about Render Node Monitor

Rendering is the soul of 3D graphic design, but without proper tools it can cause a lot of headaches. This is especially true for medium-sized studios and freelance designers. Up to now, they could manually control their render nodes with remote desktop – which was a time-consuming and less professional method – or they could use expensive render farm management programs, which are optimized for large studios. The Render Node Monitor team has a completely new solution for them wherewith they can reduce 80% of the render farm network managing time, saving energy and money.

  • All your workstations and in-house Render Nodes made available through a convenient online dashboard
  • See real-time CPU/RAM/GPU usage information
  • Stop/Start your Nodes and Applications (Distributed Rendering Spawners)
  • Easy to set up and use without advanced IT knowledge
  • All renderers supported extended support for 3Ds Max: Backburner, Corona, Vray, and Vray next.

Render Node Monitor is an easy-to-use tool for in-house render farm management. Here’s some competitive advantages that RNM brings us:

Start monitoring supported Render Spawners in a few clicks.

RNM has an easy-to-select list of the most commonly used rendering spawners like V-ray, Backburner, or Corona.

RNM is compatible with other spawners as well.

Render Spawner status & Commands

On the RNM Dashboard, You will be able to monitor whether a certain application is Stopped or Running on ALL of your machines at once.

You can also Stop or Start your applications, even all of them at once easily.

Thanks to this, you can get an instant overview of whether You can stat a render or, need to switch the running spawners on Your render farm.

Scheduled Commands

RNM dashboard is not only able to hand out commands of immediate effect but also to schedule them for a later time based on a timeline or completed tasks. This reduces time you will have to spend at your desk.

Hardware Status Display

You can see real time CPU, RAM, GPU and VRAM utilization for all Your machines.

Machine Groups & Rules

You can group Your machines according to their function, for example: Whether it’s a workstation or a node, which renderers are installed on them or what hardware specifications they have.

Different rules can also be defined for your groups like preventing workstations from accidental restart, or marking nodes as available after a certain time spent in idle.

Reserving Nodes & Adding Notes

Want to know which nodes are free to use? No need to shout across the room anymore. You can simply see unused nodes on the Dashboard, and reserve them for yourself.

You can also attach text notes to nodes for others to see, like which plugins are installed on them, or if some of them need maintenance.

Easy Setup & Usage

Our intention has been to make sure RNM is as user-friendly and the UI is as straightforward and transparent as possible.

Setup and usage do not require advanced IT knowledge.

Mobile Compatible

The RNM Dashboard is responsive, You can open it in the browser of your Mobile Device, and monitor Whether the renders are going well on the go.

Professionally developed product, custom-tailored to 3D Visualiser Needs

RNM is developed by professional Software Developers and 3D Visualisers.

We are making sure that all the needs of 3D Visualisers like You are met.

We received countless valuable feedback from our existing Customers and integrated most of it into the current version of the product.

iRender provides high-configuration and high-performance machines for rendering. You can combine Render Node Monitor with our iRender farm to control your render process. It would be great if you could leverage the power of GPUs as well as CPUs. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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