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Requirements hardware for OctaneRender

OctaneRender is one of the fastest and most popular render engines in the world. With the performance capabilities OctaneRender provides, and the list of 3D applications it plugs into, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular amongst professionals.

Rendering any scene is a demanding task for Workstation hardware. With the high resolution required in OctaneRender projects and used with a variety of rendering engines, it is true for this package. When using OctaneRender, the render engines don’t have to use any tricks or cut any corners to speed up the rendering. It will fully calculate each light ray, delivering highly accurate depictions of your scene.

Therefore, to use OctaneRender integrated with the rendering application, you need a Workstation solution to get quick results and work efficiently. Slow render times lead to missed deadlines, reduction in your production capacity, and ultimately can cost you time and money. We have worked extensively with OctaneRender users to be able to recommend you the right and efficient hardware for OctaneRender with this special render engine.

Hardware requirements for OctaneRender

OctaneRender requires the latest CUDA 10 drivers and a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA video card with support for compute capability 3.0 or higher.

OctaneRender also requires a minimum of 8 GB RAM, and we recommend 16 GB or more.

Texture limits and differing power efficiency ratings also apply depending on the GPU microarchitecture. GPUs from the GeForce line are usually clocked higher and render faster than the more expensive Quadro and Tesla GPUs.

As OctaneRender does not use the CPU for rendering, a fast multi-core CPU is not required, but it does significantly improve scene-loading speeds.

Compute capabilities required for octane features:

Compute Capability Limitations
1.x No longer supported as of version 1.20.
2.0 and 2.1 No longer supported as of version 4.0
3.0 and 3.5 No limitations
5.0 (eg: 750, 750ti) Requires Octane Version 1.53 or higher
6.0 and 6.1 (eg: Nvidia Titan X, 1080, 1070) Octane 3.03.2 or higher
7.0 (eg: Nvidia Titan V) Octane 3.08 or higher
7.5 (eg: Nvidia RTX) Experimental Support

Requires Octane Version 3.08 or higher

Texture count limitations: 

Compute Capability  Texture Count
Less than 3.0 64 LDR (8 bit) RGBA, 32 LDR (8 bit) greyscale, 4 HDR (16 bit) RGBA, and 4 HDR (16 bit) greyscale
From 3.0
144 LDR (8 bit) RGBA, 68 LDR (8 bit) greyscale, 10 HDR (16 bit) RGBA and 10 HDR (16 bit) greyscale

Best graphics card for OctaneRender

OctaneRender relies entirely on the GPU for rendering and does not use CPU (Besides scene loading),should be a stronger graphics card (or multiple GPUs) is required to increase OctaneRender’s rendering performance. So, relying entirely on GPUs for rendering results in extremely good rendering performance and scaling. Using more cards significantly improves rendering speed, as OctaneRender performance perfectly balances the number of GPUs.

However, the cost to equip yourself with one card (or more cards) is quite expensive. iRender presents you with a solution that can speed up rendering, save costs through our GPUhub service – providing our highly configurable machine performance. With simple steps, you just need to connect online via a Remote Desktop application to be able to easily use a high-configuration computer like your personal computer.

With the recommended configuration parameters above, iRender brings to you the configuration packages: 2x RTX 3090, 6x RTX 3080 and 6x RTX 3090 are arguably best for Octane render.


Believe that, the hardware recommendations for OctaneRender we mentioned in the above article will help readers choose the best hardware for their own rendering project.

If you do not have the cost to equip yourself with a high configuration workstation for rendering. Refer and use our services to save costs, save time, and speed up your rendering.

Sign up for an account here today to be able to experience it!


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