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Some solutions for GPU crashed or D3D Device Removed error on Unreal Engine

GPU crashed or D3D Device Removed error is still going on now since Unreal engine 4. This is one of the most frustrating error on UE and makes users struggling a lot. In this article, we try to find some solutions for this error. There are many of them, collected from the forum of Unreal Engine.

What is a GPU Crash?

Sometime when you work in a GPU-intensive project, a GPU crash could happen. At that time, a window like this is likely to pop up. This is the GPU crashed or D3D Device Removed error.

Some solutions for GPU crashed or D3D Device Removed error on Unreal Engine

Remove RTSS or other GPU monitoring software

RTSS is RivaTuner Statistics Serve. You can add a profile for the main UnrealEditor.exe as an Application Profile and set its detection level to: None. This will help you not encounter the issue again.

Switch from DX12 to DX11

Under {GamePath}/Config/DefaultEngine.ini, add DefaultGraphicsRHI=DefaultGraphicsRHI_DX11 under the [/Script/WindowsTargetPlatform.WindowsTargetSettings] section.

This will fix the issue, however, you will not be able to use many of UE5 fetures, like Nanite, path tracing. Kindly consider before doing this.

Remove frame rate limits set in the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Radeon software

Go to the Nvidia Control Panel, you find UE application and set max FPS to the point it doesn’t crash. The maximum FPS varies, someone may have to run 30FPS, someone runs 60FPS.

Update or revert windows version

This is one of the solutions for the GPU crashed or D3D Device Removed error. Many users have to update to the latest version of Windows, but some has to revert to Windows 10.

Update to most recent studio drivers for Nvidia

You can come to and download the most recent version of studio drivers and install it. You will need to restart the machine after it’s done.

Sometimes, the studio drivers won’t work. Some users has tried game drivers, and it worked.

A note for you: you should use DDU to completely remove GPU drivers and reinstall them.

Edit the Registry keys

You can fix the issue by changing the TDR. Some of our users have tried it and it worked. Refer to this documentation for more details on how to change TDR.

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