April 14, 2021 Maddie Quach

Top Cinema 4D Plugins For Architecture

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In today’s article, let’s get an overview of some Cinema 4D tools and Cinema 4D Plugins for Architectural visualization that you can use to create amazing interior and exterior scenes in a short period of time in the best possible quality.

Some of these tools are for speeding up the modeling process, others are for generating procedural elements that are hard to create manually.

1. TuileGenerator

TuileGenerator is one of Cinema 4D plugins for Architecture for making Tiles on Roofs. The plugin works with all geometries and poly structures without restrictions except that the surface needs to be flat.

The plugin makes 3 types of default Tiles: Piedmont Tile, Portuguese Tile, Veneto Tile.

Each Tile can be personalized for the best result otherwise users can make their own Tile to generate the Roof or other Mantles. The plugin is very easy and works with all kinds of flat surfaces. Visit the Tutorials page to see videos to learn it as best as possible.

TuileGenerator works with all rendering Engines because the mantle is generated by poly structure and you don’t need the plugin to open the final file.

2. Grass Painter

Grass Painter is distinguished from competitors for its easy use and its totally revolutionary concept in the field. You will not become crazy to set an infinite number of parameters to determine the type of grass, shape, curl etc etc, using BodyPaint, select the type of grass you need and color directly with the mouse the area of lawn you want to cover.

Generated grass or plants are based on poly objects so you can use Grass Painter with all rendering engines.

Grass Painter bundle includes a large set of Grass, Plants and Flowers, but it’s totally expandable and customizable to your liking, in fact, you can create your own set of grass, plants and flowers and use it with our plugin. There are no limits to grass and plants combination, the only limit is your imagination.

3. C4D building kit

It is a solution for creating buildings based on panels where you can create a panel and wrap it around any spline profile and make custom buildings.  

This kit is based on a 3 step approach Pick a preset spline shape then Pick a preset building design, and finally Create a custom building!  

This building kit comes with a lot of preset spline shapes and pre – made panels also it gives users the ability to use deformers or modify the original pane sha ides them with more flexibility to fulfill certain project’s needs in a short period of time This can be  a fantastic time and effort saver if you want to create city scenes.

4. Floor Generator

Floor Generator is one of Cinema 4D plugins for Architecture that can be used for building floors or walls with 3D tiles.  it is also possible for visualization artists to use their own tiles that they created to make all kinds of floor or wall coverages.  

This tool offers the flexibility to cover the floors with a single tile and avoid using big textures.  Also, You can randomize textures really fast.  In addition to that, you can create two kinds of raws using, for example, a TILE A and TILE B slots for staggered boards and other kinds of floors.

5. DEM Earth

With this plugin, you can Easily Generate dynamic Digital Elevation Models and georeference them in real – time to the world imagery.  DEM Earth automatically downloads the data it needs to build the model you want.  

All you have to do is provide a Geographic coordinate.  It can produce real – time interactive and dynamic by that you can pan, zoom, animate and place anything on in any way you want.

6. City Rig

City Rig is a city generator for Cinema 4D. It creates medium to high-detail urban environments and scenery complete with streets, sidewalks, warehouses, hi-rises, factories and residential homes and more.  

This plugin is a fast and easy-to-use City Generator with good, street – level detail which creates convincing urban landscapes in a short period of time.

7. LWCAD Lite

LWCAD provides a complete set of standard CAD tools within the software, including a powerful set of real – time Boolean and NURBS tools.  

This plugin is from WTools3D and it is the new version of its popular LightWave modeling toolset for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D users.  

LWCAD has dedicated architectural visualization tools for creating parametric walls, floors, windows, roofing, doors, and fences in addition to some of the more general modeling tools.

8. Texture Kit Pro

This is a Texturing kit that has over 600 custom Cinema 4D Materials for your next project. It is possible to choose from hundreds of unique textures and procedural materials to drag and drop into your next Cinema 4D scene.  

These materials work in the Cinema 4D Physical and Standard renderer.  Texture Kit Pro includes materials from four Cinema 4D artists Beeple, Pariah Rob, Chris Schmidt, and Greyscalegorilla.

9. Building Generator Rig

Pixel lab and Rick Ellis created the building generator rig as a fast way to create high – quality buildings in Cinema 4D.  

It comes with 3 preset buildings: small, medium, and tall buildings.  But you can also create your own which gives you the flexibility to work on projects in a way that suits your needs. 

This rig is.modular which means it works using separate elements that you can add, turn on or off depending on the final result you want to get.

10. Easy Ivy

Easy Ivy is a Cinema 4D plugin created to help artists create creepers in a short period of time.  The procedure for making creepers is very simple, it starts with laying roots on a poly object with the first internal tool Root Painter and then covering them with the Leaves Tool.  

Easy Ivy will also automatically generate UVW aligned maps of the final model.  This plugin is especially useful for architectural visualization artists and designers that need to create exterior renders that look more organic and believable.

Through top Cinema 4D plugins for architecture, iRender hopes you can find out some solutions to speed up your workflow with Cinema 4D for architecture.

iRender prides itself on providing the right configuration packages for C4D to give you a great experience in rendering. With the benefits iRender gives you as well as the configuration that is very suitable for every C4D version, do not hesitate to use the service at iRender to have a great experience with your rendering time. Register for an account today to experience our service. Or contact us via WhatsApp: (+84) 912 515 500/ email [email protected] for advice and support.

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