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What’s Updates in Maya 2024

As we all know, most VFX works and animation in the world use Maya Autodesk. It can be said that this is the first software chosen by the VFX and animation industries. If architecture and games use 3DS Max as a production tool, Maya autodesk is the dominant software of the two segments of animation and VFX. Maya Autodesk has continuously released new features aimed at boosting the game market to a great extent. Maya’s latest release aims to improve usability and quality of life for both seasoned users and newcomers, making it simpler for everyone. In this blog today, iRender will explore some special new features in this software.

New minimum supported versions

Maya 2024 features updated operating system, compiler, and new locations. For example code, new commands, command parameters, and several API updates. And, Autodesk has released Maya 2024, the latest version of its 3D modelling and animation software. This extensive update adds a brand-new material creation system that is USD-based and expands the software’s system for retopology.

Boolean Updates

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Maya 2024 will also improve Boolean modeling workflow by introducing a new Boolean node. Hence, the node will reduce the number of clicks required for users to create and edit boolean operations.

The update also comes with Boolean stack, a centralized location to edit your booleans. It is simpler to organize and control your processes because input objects are displayed as layers. Layers let you toggle an input object’s inclusion in the boolean calculation as well as the boolean operation and display mode that are applied to it.

Moreover, Boolean input objects will appear as orange wireframes to distinguish them from other scene elements.

Updated USD plug-in for Maya

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The new version of Maya comes with an updated USD (Universal Scene Description) plug-in, letting artists work seamlessly with USD in conjunction with Maya workflows. USD for Maya v0.22.0 is included with your installation of Maya 2024. The pre-built Maya USD open source plug-in is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This version fixes significant defects that were found in the previous release, including long export times, issues with camera drawing on the viewport, problems installing Material X libraries, problems with skinning after import and export, support for ambient lighting, and more.

Also, you can see how to install USD for Maya as belown:

  • Install USD for Maya on Windows

The default installation path for MayaUSD is C:\Program Files\Autodesk\MayaUSD\<MayaVersion>\<ExtensionVersion.

Uninstall MayaUSD via Control Panel > Programs and Features.

The MayaUSD installer updates the common .mod file that Maya looks for in this location: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Modules\Maya.

  • Install USD for Maya on MacOS

The default installation path for MayaUSD is /Applications/Autodesk/MayaUSD/<MayaVersion>/<ExtensionVersion> .

The MayaUSD installer updates the common .mod file that Maya looks for in this location: /Users/Shared/Autodesk/modules/maya.

 Notes: If installing USD for Maya Creative, please be aware that Maya Creative is not available for Linux operating systems.

Blue Pencil

Image Source: 80lv

The update will introduce Blue Pencil, a new tool that allows Artists and Animators to create 2D drawings and annotations in the viewport. The new Blue Pencil tools, which take the place of the older Grease Pencil tools, provide greater features and versatility. These features include more drawing tools for text and forms as well as features like layering, retiming, and morphing.

New Sweep Mesh option

Users will now have a new option to use one creator node per curve or many creator nodes.

Image Source: Autodesk

The Sweep Mesh tool now includes a new option that lets you select whether to utilize a single creator node or several creator nodes per curve. Besides, you can build a single node to control many curves or a node for each curve, allowing you to separately manage the properties of each curve by Select Create > Sweep Mesh >  to view the Sweep Mesh Options dialog. This functionality was previously only available using the sweepMeshFromCurve -oneNodePerCurve true; command.

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