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Why you should render your FStorm images with iRender?

FStorm Render is an unbiased GPU renderer, which is fairly new and easy to use gpu renderer for 3ds max. Yeah, FStorm render is currently only available for 3ds Max, but we don’t lose hope that FStorm will be available for all major 3D software. It is easy to learn and gives nice, predictable results with default settings. This render engine is based on CUDA technology, which works only with Nvidia GeForce cards and it´s always a good idea to update to the latest drivers. (see more for the system requirements). In this article, we are going to answer the question why you should render your FStorm images with iRender.

As each GPU renderer, it’s scalable, because it can work with multiple GPUs simultaneously. FStormRender is deeply integrated to 3ds max environment and supports all necessary features. Build-in scene converter easily and carefully converts any scene from Corona, VRay and Octane renders. Fstorm is interactive, which allows to change the scene while it is rendered and see changes in interactive way without reloading need. Any scene change except geometry is reflected automatically. Geometry changes require realtime geometry update enabled or reload geometry button press. You can move camera and get realtime update in frame buffer window.

Fstorm has kernel settings section, where you can adjust parameters for increasing rendering quality – but you can leave them at default in the most cases. You also have environment settings to control skylight colors. Fstorm provides also Tonemapping section to control the exposure and allows you to load LUT tables. In the camera tab you can enable depth of field. You can set focus directly in the RT window, by choosing the point of the image that should be focused for the chosen camera. In the Tools you have the scene converter – you can convert from V-Ray, Corona or Octane scenes to Fstorm. Mostly it works right of the box, although it is not perfect.

FStormRender is a GPU render, and it is recommended to use CPU for the scene compilation and use modern GeForce GPUs for rendering. GPU manager also allows to switch on/off different gpus for different tasks. It is not recommended to use more than one GPU for material editor, but you should use multiple GPU cards for general rendering.

So, why should you choose iRender to render your project?

At iRender, we provide you many supercomputers which are used in the rendering process of your scenes. You are able to get access to unmatched speed server with 6x RTX2080Ti / 6x RTX 3080/ 6x RTX3090 to get the best performance. Please take a look at the specification of those machines as below:

You can make use of the powerful and robust features of iRender’s servers while using your own computers on your own desk. The service is easy to use yet very sturdy. You can install any application you like and use the image as if it was your own computer. The usage time is calculated from the start of using the service until it is shut down, and then the invoice is sent to the registered email.

With the new age of modern technology and GPU cards, not everyone has access to the best and most powerful machines to turn their dreams into reality. Keeping that in mind, iRender aims to facilitate such people by providing their cloud render services for them. Even a low-performance computer can turn into a supercomputer using the cloud services by iRender. You don’t need to buy expensive computers and then installing heavy software, just make use of the services by iRender and start creating.

If you are a new iRender user, just register here to get FREE to test our GPU servers with your FStorm scenes.

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