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8 Youtube channels about 3D illustrate the architecture worth following (part 2)

Youtube, which is a platform, is easy, free, and beneficial to learn everything. Specially, you can learn to illustrate architecture skills. This article will introduce to people 8 Youtube Channels that belong to that topic. 

Many Youtube channels throughout the world tutorial illustrate architecture skills. 

In this article, iRender will introduce to you the next 4 Youtube channels about 3D illustrate the architecture of the section.

5. Sinh Tutoriors

Sinh Tutoriors is a pure Vietnamese Youtube channel that guides post-architecture photos in Photoshop. The channel owner is Duong Van Sinh, a member of the quite famous VietCG community today.

Students guide meticulously the post-production process from beginning to end for the interior – exterior views. Videos are usually about 10-30 minutes long, along with a PSD attachment that makes it easy for viewers to download and practice.

6. Arqui9 Visualization

For those looking to improve their Photoshop skills, ARQUI9 Visualization is another YouTube channel dedicated to professional architectural post-production.

This is a channel owned by a famous British architectural unit of the same name, founded by Pedro Fernandes. He started out as an architect and later developed a love for 3D visualization.

The purpose of Arqui9 Visualization is to create stories through images. The video tutorials have impressive illustrations and are thoroughly explained. Beginners in Photoshop will find it difficult to approach teaching from the channel because of the high depth.

7. RayARCH

If you are too bored with regular lectures, look to RayARCH. This is an online site for discussion and sharing of experiences through a series of Questions & Answers (Q&A).

Ray Liu – The channel owner is a cheerful and energetic person. His way of talking is very casual and easy-going, making it easy for viewers to absorb and improve knowledge.

8. Surviving Architecture

Surviving Architecture guides the viewer through the steps of sketching a drawing and 3D rendering. This channel focuses on students, who are studying architecture in the age group 18-34.

The channel owner is Rasha Shrourou – an architect with a passion for architecture and loves to do vlogs to share knowledge in the industry. Videos are usually 5-10 minutes in length, guide the software to use in the learning process, as well as helpful tips for architects.

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