December 6, 2020 Maddie Quach

Get special deal with referral link feature

If you have been or are considering using our iRender service, a very useful feature that you can use to get bonus points to your user account is the referral link feature.

First, in simple terms, a referral link, also known as a referral link, is a URL that is created specifically for each user who has registered for an account at iRender. When you share your own referral link to a friend or acquaintance, then they register an account through that link and top up to use the service, you will enjoy attractive offers that we will mention below.

How to use?

Step 1: Register an account (for individuals who do not have an account to use the service at

You just need to access the following link and complete your personal information correctly to create your own account:

Step 2: Copy the referral link

Once you have an account, you can login at here

When the screen appears the main interface, you click the icon as in the illustration below

Next you select the Affilliate Program section,

When the screen shows your own referral link, copy it by clicking on that URL.

Step 3: Share your link

After you have copied the referral link, you can share it via social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn,… or share it privately with your friends.

If you do not really understand, here is a video illustrating the steps we just described above

Or contact us immediately for direct instructions.

What will you get?

With just a few simple clicks, you can send your friends a very useful referral link and bring many incentives for yourself. If someone creates an iRender account via your link, and then they top up to use the service, the offer you will receive will be as follows:

  • To be credited to your account 20% of the amount the referrer deposits on the first transaction (iRpoints units)
  • To be credited 5% of the amount the referrer makes the next deposit (iRpoints Unit) within 1 year.

It’s easy, right? Not only can you share the values ​​and satisfaction you get from using the service at iRender with your friends or acquaintances, but also receive iRpoints rewards into your account to be able to continue using the service. Sign up for an account and try it now!

Happy Rendering!

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