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iRender Remote Render Farm Service
How To Use

The previous article shows an overview of iRender Remote Render Farm service, today we will describe the rental process in detail and how it works.

We’ve been working extremely hard to make the service better everyday. Today we are glad to introduce a new service with the name: iRender Remote Render Farm. With this new service, our aim is to support studios & 3D artists and enhance the working performance at home with outstanding computer capacity.

This is another new GPU rendering service that we offer as a separate brand, but it’s powered by iRender with the same qualified service: 24/7 support available with our 3d technical artists & system administrators.

I. Our hardware specifications:

Server 1 Specs (11 nodes):
GPU : 1X GTX 1080Ti 11GB vRAM.
CPU : Dual Xeon Servers E5 @2.66 GHZ.
RAM: 128 GB.
SSD: 256 GB
Server 2 Specs (51 nodes):
GPU : 1X GTX 1080Ti 11GB vRAM.
CPU : Dual Xeon Servers E5 @2.66 GHZ.
RAM: 128 GB.
SSD: 512 GB
Server 3 Specs (101 nodes):
GPU : 1X GTX 1080Ti 11GB vRAM.
CPU : Dual Xeon Servers E5 @2.66 GHZ.
RAM: 256 GB.

We can customize and configure more servers upon your request and purpose.  Memory, SSD, HDD and even number of GPUs can be added, software and plugins can be also installed upon request. Contact us in case you need any help for your urgent project.

II. Quick Start

Here is the toturial of the service:

Since you may be not familiar with it yet, I will describe how it works.

1. Register an account

2. Login and choose the number of nodes you need for your own Remote render farm.

It takes 5 clicks to boost a new system and generate your first Windows system image, then 20 minutes to load it up the first time. Each image is an independent system you can reuse (when you finish your work it is saved, and then loaded when you turn on the server another time.)

3. Get access to remote the Master Node and use as if it was your own computer.

The new software allows end-users to access a remote server which is granted around 1 hour before your rental is to start. As the service, you rent powerful GPU servers with a connection via Remote Desktop. Then, we provide you a .rdp (Remote Desktop Connection) file with a user name and password to access your Windows image on the server. Then you can install any application you need, using the server is no different than using any other computer you have had. If you ever used Windows OS, you are good to go.

iRender supports to install software, as well as plugins on a remote server and rental nodes to ensure the environment synchronization. You’ll need to use your own licenses as we are not allowed to rent them out. Working on a remote server can be done in full-screen mode as well. Your system will be saved and stored intact after the initial setup and ready to use any time.

Our Support Team is at your disposal to guide you, and provide you the best service possible.

4. Transfer files

We created an unique tool called “GPUHub_Sync” for transfering files from your PC to our remote servers. It is a singular and special Data transfer methods in the world which allows you to move data even when the server is turned off, which saves you money. If you have any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

5. Thinkbox Deadline integration - Render Farm Management Software

We are currently using Thinkbox Deadline – a Render Farm Management software. If you have not heard of this phrase, I can define simply that it is the best render farm management and distribute jobs to other nodes.

 (*) AWS Thinkbox Deadline is a hassle-free hybrid administration and compute management software for render farms, supporting more than 80 different content creation applications out of the box. Deadline provides flexibility and a wide range of computing management options, giving you the freedom to easily access any combination of on-premises or cloud-based resources for your rendering, render management and processing needs.”

On the remote servers, we install Thinkbox Deadline software as an add-on of 3D application and then pointing the repository and license server to your local data. Rendering on a remote machine utilizes the power of CPUs & GPUs in a render farm. Customers do not have to queue like on regular render farm or worry about environment synchronization, with iRender Remote Render Farm service, clients will full control and manage rendering nodes.

6. Closing the remote connection

Once you setup your software environment on the remote machine, you can start rendering and close Remote Desktop Application. All the jobs will continually run on the remote servers. 

7. Download Files/ Folder

Please make sure that you save all your rendered images or working results in storage (Z:) before finishing the rental. To download file, you can open GPUHub_Sync Application and right-click to start download to your local workstation.

You can register an account here (or you can use the same account you have on iRender- Remote Render Farm) to start experiencing our services.

At iRender, we try to do a little thing better every day, and commit to supporting our customers with our utmost, providing variable solutions at an affordable price, and bring users satisfaction every time experiencing the service.

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