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Powerful, High-speed cloud render farm for C4D with Octane render

Cinema4D is a  powerful 3D modeling robust software, developed by MAXON computer, based in Germany. It gives an extensive suite of tools that aid 3D artists to give amazing results. Cinema 4D is proficient in procedural and polygonal modeling, texturing, lighting or rendering. In this modern, fast-going world where 3D production is so in demand, this program stands out and is very trustworthy for the artists who are professionals as well as beginners both.

And when it comes to the rendering process, one of the difficult parts of the design workflow, designers always would like to find for themselves the most effective and suitable renderer, and Octanerender is one of the most likely names they call out together. As we all know, Octane is one of the world’s first and fastest GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct renderers. This renderer was developed by a New Zealand-based company called Refractive Software, Ltd in 2008, and was later taken over by the OTOY in 2012. Now it is being used widely in feature films, commercials, and even architectural rendering, including Cinema 4D.

Hardware requirements for OctaneRender

Although Octane can take advantage of GPU cards to speed up the rendering time significantly, designers will need a well-rounded and optimized solution that is capable of supporting all these GPUs and make full use of the power of this powerful renderer. With this in mind, iRender will help you to explore the computer hardware giving the best-bang-for-the-buck and reveal the most Powerful, High-speed servers that we are offering for C4D with Octane render.

Regarding the Operating System, Octane currently supports all major platforms including: Windows® 7 or higher (64-bit), Linux® (64-bit), and MacOS® 10.13.6 High Sierra (NOTE: 10.14 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina do not support NVIDIA CUDA).

Besides, OctaneRender requires the latest CUDA 10 drivers and a CUDA-enabled NVIDIA video card with support for compute capability 3.0 or higher. This renderer also requires a minimum of 8 GB RAM, and recommend one is 16 GB or more. Texture limits and differing power efficiency ratings also apply depending on the GPU microarchitecture. GPUs from the GeForce line are usually clocked higher and render faster than the more expensive Quadro and Tesla GPUs. As OctaneRender does not use the CPU for rendering, a fast multi-core CPU is not required, but it does significantly improve scene-loading speeds.

Compute capabilities required for octane features:

Texture count limitations: 

So, to sum up, for Octane Version 3.03.2 or higher, a computer with multi GPU cards such as Nvidia GTX Titan X, GTX 1080, GTX 1070 are recommended, and with Octane Version 3.08 or higher, Octane users should use Nvidia RTX or Nvidia Titan V.

Powerful, High-speed server for C4d with Octane render

Now let’s come to the next and also the most interesting part, in which we will reveal to you the most suitable and affordable service to speed up your rendering time amazingly. 

iRender is a Vietnamese company operating internationally that is based on the model of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), which provides the GPUs and CPUs on the cloud for 3D rendering for rent. The GPUs used are  RTX 2080Ti, RTX 3080, and RT3090 with heavy-duty processors having multiple cores to support the heaviest workload. At iRender, we provide a variety of packages with powerful CPU & GPU: 1/2/6 Nvidia GTX & RTX and CPU configuration: Dual Xeon E5-2673 v3 (24 cores), RAM: 128 GB and Storage (NVMe SSD) is 512GB, which allows users to utilize the rendering speed. However, there is an extremely unique rendering solution at iRender for all Octane users. Here we support you to render quickly with Octane no matter what license you are using. We offer physical machines – no virtualization with a specific Multi-GPUs server for designers using Redshift, Cycles, Octane, etc. You will install any software and render with whatever engine you want through Remote Desktop Application. Due to our Tier III standard Data Center, you are completely in control of your projects with Octane render.

1. Powerful server for OctaneRender Studio license


  • RT Core and NVLink support on NVIDIA RTX GPUs (2 GPU limit)
  • Octane X: AMD GPUs supported on macOS 10.15.6+ (More info)
  • EmberGenFX: Full commercial license included during public beta (More info)

Product specifications:

  • Requires a CUDA® 10 capable NVIDIA® graphics card on Windows/Linux or AMD Vega/Navi GPU on macOS 10.15.6+
  • Use of the software is available only while online, connected via the internet to the OctaneRender licensing server
  • Network rendering is not available

With Octane studio license which can make use of 2 GPU cards maximum, iRender offers you our server 4 with DUAL RTX 3090 (24GB VRAM) surely will maximize your rendering performance. Moreover, on-demand NVLink helps you x2 the amount of VRAM to 48 GB which is powerful enough for very large projects/cache.

Let’s have a look at our video testing the performance of this GPU server 4: 

2. OctaneRender Enterprise


  • RT Core and NVLink support on NVIDIA RTX GPUs
  • Octane X: AMD GPUs supported on macOS 10.15.6+ (More info)
  • EmberGenFX: Full commercial license included during public beta (More info)
  • OctaneRender Network Rendering support (More info)

Product specifications:

  • Requires a CUDA® 10 capable NVIDIA® graphics card on Windows/Linux or AMD Vega/Navi GPU on macOS 10.15.6+

If you are using Octane enterprise, you can try our higher packages with 6x RTX 2080Ti, 6x RTX 3080 and 6x RTX 3090.

iRender is always up to date with the latest card models from NVIDIA like RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 3080, RTX 3090 with VRAM from 10GB to 24GB totally satisfying for software that utilizes the power from multi-cards.  With these above powerful servers,  iRender can be proud to shout out that we are one of the most suitable render farms for Cinema 4D Octane. Octanerender 2018.1 and higher support NVIDIA NVLink, which allows sharing data between two GPUs via an NVLink Bridge, on supported RTX GPU configurations. As per written above, the multiple cards servers provided by iRender online render farm combined with NVIDIA RTX graphics (6x GeForce RTX 2080 Ti / 6x RTX 3080/ 6x RTX 3090) and NVLink, bring Octane users unprecedented rendering power, performance, and capability wherever work takes. Best of all, there’s a configuration that’s perfect for what you do.

Let’s see a rendering test with Octane project on server 8 (6x RTX 3090) at iRender:

What's else that iRender offers you?

1. Deeper discount with Fixed Rental

You will be charged on a per-minute basis. Depending on the type of server you choose, we will issue you an invoice once you shut down the servers, so that you will control your balance easily.The hourly rental option is always available for you to choose. However, you can always save from 20% to 40% with our Fixed Rental feature. For those who’re in need of a server for more than a day, or have an extremely large project, we advise you to choose a daily/ weekly/monthly rental package. The discount is attractive (20% for daily packages, 40% for weekly, and monthly packages).

We accept payment through PayPal, Visacard, Mastercard, Bank transfer, or Credit card. And of course, we sometimes provide promotions for customers on special occasions. Staying connected with us to keep updating these promotions.

2. Real human support 24/7

Users can access our web-based online platform and use multiple nodes to render at the same time. Hence, with us, it does not matter where you are present – as long as you are connected to the internet, you can access and enjoy the 24/7 rendering services that we provide, and if you meet any issue, our real human 24/7 support team is always ready to support you.

3. Easy to use and simple process

What you need to do is just 5 simple steps including: Creating an iRender account, Recharging money, Transferring your files to the remote server, Selecting a package and connecting to the server then finally Taking full control of the server and doing whatever you want.

We ensure that we provide you the easy-to-use interesting and effective solution. With just one or two clicks to create an image, and 5 to 15 minutes to boot the system in the first time, you will use the servers (GPUs & CPUs) like your own PC. Additionally, you just need to set up a working environment once, and save as Images to keep it for life.

Furthermore, we are one of a few render farms providing a unique transfer file tool, without having to access a third party for transfering data. The tool is called GpuHub- Sync. You can upload your data even when the remote server is turned off and it will automatically sync to the remote servers and vice versa. Furthermore, major cloud transferring platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive are also supported if users want it.


iRender is on the way to become the best render farm service nowadays. Thanks to our leading technology, we help users create high-quality images and videos in the shortest time ever and minimize the rendering time. With the above advantages and the machine configuration package that iRender are offering, we believe that Cinema 4D users will have the most comfortable, quickest, and most effective rendering time with Octane.

So, do not hesitate anymore, let’s HERE to get FREE COUPON to test our GPU servers and reach a new level of cloud rendering.

iRender – Happy Rendering!

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