November 17, 2020 Candace

Redshift Version 3.0.33 has released!

Version 3.0.33 is now available

This build includes plugins for Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Katana, Softimage, and Blender.

Redshift 3.0.27 versions and higher require NVIDIA driver version 450.xx or higher, to support the new CUDA 11 SDK and ‘Ampere’ GPUs.

Blender Dev Post:

Public Beta METAL Dev Post with Installer

New Bug Report Forums for Blender

New Bug Report Forums for METAL

Release Notes:

* [Max] Fixed a bug where Render View would not function if IPR is started before opening Render View

* [Max] Fixed a bug where the “All” rendering option for Fast Preprocessing was not honored

* [Max] Fixed a potential crash when closing 3ds Max after using Render View

* [Max] Fixed potential issues with using multiple-output shaders (e.g. RS State, RS Vector To Scalars) as shader inputs

* [C4D] Added support for the UserData tag in R21 or newer

* [Houdini] Addressed the cryptomatte object names in the instancefile instancing

* [Houdini] New “Forced Visibility” option in the ROP node, to force the flags from a reference object

* [Houdini] Exposed the OCIO file in the RS camera spare parameters to allow relative paths

* [Houdini] Fixed a crash in the RenderView while selecting a camera before launching the rendering

* [Houdini] Added support for the volume instances materials overriding from the shop_materialpath attribute

* [Katana] Added support for Katana 4.0 and dropped support for Katana 2.6

* [Katana] Fixed a problem with the enum parameters in Katana 4.0v1

* [Katana] Live and final rendering GPU based Photographic Exposure and PostFX

* [Hydra] Added support for the GPU based live viewport updating of the photographic exposure and postfx features

* [Hydra] Added several missing texture related render options

* [Hydra] Addressed the default curves and point widths to match Karma

* [Hydra] Added new option in the Light LOP Redshift params to enable the rectangle lights as portals

* [Hydra] Added support for mesh lights

* [Hydra] Added support for object tracesets

* [Blender] Initial beta release of Redshift for Blender

* [RenderView] Fixed a crash that could happen when loading an EXR with “Loads Snapshots”

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where Houdini would freeze after using copy to clipboard and then rendering

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where Shift+Click to enable and drag the Region was not functioning

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where the Frame Region menu button and shortcut did not execute

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where vignetting from postFX wouldn’t apply

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where the region wouldn’t show correctly when scaling

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where region rendering wouldn’t update when moving the region tool

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where image files would not save correctly with “Save Image As…”

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where EXR files would not save correctly with “Save Multilayer EXR As…”

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where only one bucket would show in the RV even when using multiple GPUs

* [RenderView] Fixed an issue where the DisplayMode was being set to sRGB when using Set A / B for Snapshots regardless of the current DisplayMode

* [FeedbackDisplay] Fixed a crash with the feedback display when it was docked in Houdini

* [FeedbackDisplay] Fixed a crash when filtering to display only the current render’s logs

* [All] Added Altus command-line denoising tool

* [All] Fixed a bug that broke the output of AO/Curvature/RoundCorners nodes when multiple of them are used by a material, introduced in 3.0.32

* [All] Fixed a bug that could cause a crash or corruption when rendering hair with a wireframe shader

* [All] Fixed a bug that could cause allocation failures on scenes using deep rendering tech (either DeepEXR or Cryptomatte)

* [All] Now limiting the block size to 128 if deep rendering is enabled and the GPU is not a high-VRAM GPU (16GB or larger)

* [All] Fixed crash that could occur with a combination of DeepEXR and ID channel

* [All] Fixed issue that could cause ‘quantized’-looking reflections and refractions on surfaces that have subtle curvature, introduced in 3.0.25

* [All] Fixing bug that could cause volume grid material related crashes

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