April 15, 2020 iRender

Smart detect, auto-collect, auto-repath, keep local path - render without packaging ...

Most Render Farms – no matter what they are pursue those main steps as follows:

  1. Clone a Repository to Cloud
  2. Analyze
  3. Render
  4. Download results

Today we go into details about step 1, the other ones will be referred in the next posts.

1. Clone your Repository

First of all, our 3D artists always need a place to sync their data, and there’s a truth: Data synchronization is what the artists do regardless of any processes, not just at the time you need to render.

* The first requirement is to support several operating systems (WinOS, MacOS, Linux…), so we chose javaFX technology which is easily compatible and runs in all platforms.

* The next requirement, as mentioned above, data synchronization takes place whenever the artist needs, so that their data/ assets are always ready to render, thus Upload system will be generated to be simple, clear and independent of Web-based.

It is not required to login to the website all the time, which is troublesome and time-consuming, users only need to login the website only if you need it for rendering.

* The next obligation is about the uniformity between data on Local and Cloud in terms of directory structure, path, etc to make the most familiar and convenient for users, ensure abnormal errors do not arise when rendering.

(A key thing is that all 3D artists will not have to change their designing habits, as a result of the path and directory structure is preserved). Therefore the ability to keep the local path directories intact or change them if you want is also recommended and resolved.

* The software which must be smart enough to detect missing assets after analysis, then automatically collect and sync to Cloud under artist’s permission, it is advantageous in case you forget to pack around 20 files or higher, and more importantly the missing files which are organized in clutter in many hard drives with deeper level directories.

* The interface must be really easy to use and visual, so that new users just need less than 5 minutes to become familiar with it.

* Automatic syncing specific folders when changes is assigned to the Cloud directly (We will integrate this function soon in April)

We sincerely thank you and look forward to hearing your comments to make product even better.

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