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The best render farm for Lightwave - iRender farm

LightWave is one of the most important 3D animation software in the industry developed by NewTek- an American company. It is an easy-to-use & flexible animation software which is recommended as an entry level 3d modeling software to everyone who wants to learn 3D modeling. Another very good feature LightWave has is the separate platform for rendering and animation. Instead of running the entire scene in one window you can work on a different program (LW Modeler) and then dropping the model into the rendering and animation editor (LW Layout), that makes the whole scene editing process more clean and easy to work.

Due to LightWave’s easy-to-use and powerful functions in biological modeling and character animation, LightWave 3D is widely used in the field of film, television, advertising, games, animation, etc. LightWave 3D’s rendering module is based on ray tracing and radiosity, which makes its rendering quality perfect. So, LightWave 3D is popular with animation studios, film and television VFX studios and game developers.

iRender farm is applicable to LightWave! With numerous high-performance machines for rendering and huge storage, we can surely provide a lot of servers as what customers need and save much rendering time for the projects. Our iRender’s powerful technical team can customize servers’ configuration according to customers’ requirements (such as Nvlink, Storage, so on). Therefore, customers can spend more time and energy on artistic creation.

Now, let’s look at what iRender cloud rendering supports:

1. We provide LightWave users thousands of high computing servers(CPU & GPU) to render

Below are the recommendations and system requirements for LightWave 3D users. (you can see more here)

  • Operating System

64-bit: Windows Windows 7 64-bit Edition or higher

Mac OS: Sierra 10.12 or better

Minimum hardware specifications

64-bit System RAM: 4GB minimum

  • Display

Minimum Graphics Card: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8400 series or ATI® X1600

Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels

  • Installation Requirements


All systems require 750MB available hard drive space (excluding content)

Completed Content library is approximately 3GB.

As you all know, Lightwave 3D processes jobs & rendering on a single graphic card, and can use up to 64 threads, and as much RAM as you can throw at it. Therefore we recommend server 3 (1 x RTX 3090) with the configuration as below:

About CPU, like all 3D ray tracing programs, Lightwave requires a fast CPU to produce results. Here at iRender, we exclusively provide you with the Intel Xeon W-2245 with SSE4 instruction set which has high clock speeds which is 3.9GHz – 4.7GHz, 8 cores and 16 threads.

About GPU, the GPU of our server 3 is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 – With 24GB of VRAM and terrific performance for the price, the RTX 3090 is one of the best GPUs to use for game development, Virtual Production, and Architectural Visualization and developing VR content. The high amount of VRAM makes it suitable for workstation with three or even four 4K displays and the extra power is great for games that have not been optimized.

The specific amount of RAM needed is highly dependent on particular requirements. We generally find that 32GB is sufficient for most users. 64GB should be considered for anyone working with large projects or those wishing to future proof their system.

About RAM, these drives are far slower than your RAM, and as a result, your performance will be drastically reduced. When working with a large, highly detailed, heavy file, you might get a message ‘Not enough memory for that operation‘ message if trying to do anything with these polys.

However, we always keep in mind that these 64 GB only basic recommendations and only covers the amount of RAM needed for the Lightwave 3D by itself. If users often work with other programs in addition to Lightwave at the same time, they may want to have even more RAM in the system as each program will need its own chunk of RAM. That’s the reason why here at iRender, we provide an amount of 128 GB of RAM. Come with us, no one will ever have to worry about lack of RAM.

2. Simple Process

The easy to use iRender service is the best. It takes you just 5 clicks to get started. First, register to the service, then create a new work environment or better known as a system image. You will access our servers through Remote Desktop Application, the same as you use Teamviewer but you will have full control of the remote computer. You will need to install your software only for the first time and use your own licenses. This work environment will be saved and automatically loaded for the user as soon as logging into the account, just like the way you do with a new computer. Then you only need to open your project in your favorite software and set up your rendering and click submit. Rest assured that you will get your rendering done in far less than your expected time.

Additionally, the web management dashboard will allow you to create and access all your system images when you see fit, and you can always use more than one server as long as there are any available.

We also provide a unique tool to transfer files- GpuHub Sync, you can transfer files even when the server is turned off, which is free-of-cost & convenient. Furthermore, major cloud transferring platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive are also supported. Working on iRender’s servers is no different than using any other computer you’ve had, we bring you full control of many supercomputers at a very competitive price.

3. Flexible Pricing

The billing starts as soon as a server or servers that you turned on are up and running. The billing ends when you shut down the servers (and they are turned off). Our standard price for server 3 (1x RTX 3090) is $3.8 per machine hour but you can lower it to $1.52 using our payment daily/ weekly/monthly rental package. But you can always save from 30% to 60% with our Fixed Rental feature. For those who’re in need of one (or many) servers more than a day, or have an extremely large project, we suggest to choose a daily/ weekly/monthly rental package.

The discount is so attractive (30% for daily packages, 50% for weekly, and 60% for monthly packages).

4. 24/7 Real Human Support

If you choose to render your projects with iRender, you can feel extra safe that we have a dedicated CPU & GPU infrastructure and enthusiastic technical supporters available 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week to answer any queries you might have regarding your rendering jobs.

Want to try before you buy? Create an account here to get FREE to test our GPU servers with your Lightwave scenes or please feel free to contact us for any information and we will try our best to assist you with the matter.

At last, enjoy some pictures rendered by LightWave!

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