The story of the TreeView

April 20, 2020 iRender

I am very pleased to tell you about iRender TreeView, let’s get started:

As with other developers, from the outset, we also research the needs and behaviors of 3D artists to create products that focus on their insight. We realize that their total interaction time, as mentioned in previous posts, often goes back and forth in the following 4 basic steps:

  1. Clone Repository to Cloud
  2. Scene Analysis
  3. Render
  4. Download the results

Surprisingly, the action 3D artists usually take and interact with the most is step 1 Clone Repository to Cloud. Up to 40% of the time they work with is in the Upload and Repository management on their Cloud. Therefore, this section must be really easy to use and convenient. I think so. Initially, after researching and referencing, including big providers like Microsoft’s OneDrive, we have summarized the results of step 1 as follows, and found it quite good:

However, until the actual use: the uploaded data is large enough, the directory structure is complex enough and especially used while designing, when returning to the Cloud management screen, I feel lost in my own messy data. Who am I? Where am I? In particular, this makes it difficult to compare directory structures to check whether the data in Local (my personal computer) is synchronized with the Cloud or not.

Haizz..There must be something wrong. Because of my curiosity, I also took a look at a few other Render Farms to see how they work.

Then I see this:

and this:

Of course, I ignored the Render Farms that do not take this section seriously. Then I looked back on my PC, I wondered the reason why it was not like this:

like this:

and this:

It sounds good. Of course, when we started working, we had to solve dozens of logic behind the TreeView with a view to making it smoother, with OT (Over Time) nights working on schedule, along with noodles.

Finally, as you can see, it seems better, no longer confused and able to always know where you are in your data:

If there is an additional auto-sync function on the Cloud when there are any changes, and on specified folders as well, that’s great. This story I will discuss with you in the following posts.

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Thank you & Have a nice day!

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