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8 Youtube channels about 3D illustrate the architecture worth following

Youtube, which is a platform, is easy, free, and beneficial to learn everything. Specially, you can learn to illustrate architecture skills. This article will introduce to people 8 Youtube Channels which belong to that topic. 

If you want to learn more about 3D illustration skills, Youtube is the best choice to start. It’s easy, friendly, and convenient. You can watch everything, every time from it and can watch on any device which connects the Internet. 

For an architect, the ability to express ideas and space on a 3D platform is indispensable. However, will taking these skills training courses to be effective?

Self-study is a good way if you do not have the conditions to go to direct study. Moreover, self-study will penetrate faster, deeper, and more comprehensively if you take the time to study and practice regularly.

Many Youtube channels throughout the world tutorial illustrate architecture skills. 

Firstly, in this part, iRender will introduce to 4 of the most famous channels.

1. Show It Better

Show It Better is one of the most comprehensive YouTube channels for learning how to make architectural graphics. Surely this is an indispensable choice for students of design, architecture, interior as well as professional practitioners.

The channel videos are about 10-15 minutes long. Instructional content includes topics such as architectural drawings, diagrams, analysis of current context with the software; especially the way of layout using InDesign software.

2. Upstairs

A Youtube wonder channel to learn to illustrate architecture by OU Graphics. This is which place you can deeply study computing such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop…

The lectures focused on 2D visualization of plans, sections, technical drawings, along with concept sketching and post-render processing.

3. QreativeHome

QreativeHome is another Youtube channel with quite comprehensive graphic instructions. The channel’s videos are bilingual in English and German.

This channel guides the whole process from construction, cube processing to rendering, image post-production … focusing on software such as ArchiCAD, Sketch-Up, Photoshop. In particular, you can download here free Photoshop versions with a rich library of shared libraries regularly.

4. Balkan Architect

If you need to find out the way to use Revit faster and perfect, you can search for Balkan Architect which is the channel that should learn. This channel was established by Milos Temerinski. Currently, it has a huge collection of courses and tips about Revit, from basic to advanced. 

Videos bring creation topic about architecture, 3D models, parametric architecture, and rendering in Revit. Balkan has a passion for a Revit architect. He always directs the fastest way to learn Revit conveniently.

See more part 2 here!

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