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iRender Supports NFTs Art Community

As technology has advanced, so have the ways for making and experiencing art. More and more artists are creating work digitally, and many of their pieces exist purely as pixels on a screen. However, just because we’re not able to hold these artworks in our hands, it doesn’t mean they’re less valuable. In fact, digital art is quickly becoming one of the most valuable art forms of our time. The art world is rapidly changing with the introduction of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. In particular, 2021 has seen a spike in digital art sales, with many high-profile artists and brands exploring new ways of selling their work through blockchain technology.

This cute digital cat was sold for 600 ETH, or $200,000 at the time. Today, the same amount of tokens costs around a million dollars.

NFTs have existed since 2015, but they didn’t gain popularity until 2020. Then in 2021, the digital art market really boomed. Now, let us get to the point and dive deeper into what are NFTs, some tips to make your NFT artworks more popular and why iRender is a good choice for NFT community?

What are NFTs?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token.”  In simple terms, NFTs are the digital record of a sale on a blockchain. 

An NFT refers to the one and only combination of a unique blockchain ‘certificate of ownership’ with an underlying digital artwork file. This technology gives digital art some of the properties of physical art. People can replicate the work just like people replicate Beeple’s “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”, but there is one true Everydays: The First 5000 Days and it’s verifiable through a record of ownership going all the way back to Beeple. The artist can replicate and resell a digital artwork file ad infinitum, but the single token can never be replicated. If an NFT is resold, it will retain the ‘chain of title’ from owner to owner forever.

Imagine you’re an artist who signs a one-and-only contract to sell an original artwork at auction, but instead of selling it in a single transaction, you sell the artwork along with the contract attached to it as a digital file. An NFT is the digital equivalent of selling artwork with a ‘signature’ of sale. When you sell an NFT, you’re selling the crypto token record of the work, which means that you, as the artist, can make digital art and sell the original. 

Just like any other digital art, people can take a million screenshots of it, print it and hang it on their wall, and none of those reproductions will reduce the value of the original NFT. In fact, hype around reproductions may increase the value of the NFT by giving it cultural value.

Make money on NFTs as a 3D artist

Yes, 3D artists can make money selling their work as an NFT. When the NFT artwork Everydays: The 5000 First Days sold for a record-breaking $69M, digital artist Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) skyrocketed to be the world’s third most valuable living artist and also one of the 10 most expensive NFT artworks of 2021.

People buy NFTs for the same reason they buy physical art or antiques. Aesthetics, a passion for artists, trends, and art-world validations are among the major factors that drive collectors to purchase artworks. Collecting digital items is very similar to collecting physical items — they can be viewed as both a hobby and an investment.

When it comes to selling your artwork as an NFT creator, there is no recipe for making a lot of money, but in this article, we can share with you some factors helping you increase your chances. For example, by analyzing historical data of NFT art on marketplace SuperRare, Artnome identified the search terms that were most popular on the platform as of 2021. Below is their core findings:

  • Futuristic, retro, and sci-fi themes are frequently explored and highly coveted by collectors
  • 3D  art is the most viewed with higher selling points, perhaps reflecting a ‘medium’ specific to crypto art (the number of views highly correlates with a price)
  • As in the traditional art world, NFTs tagged with “drawing” tend to sell for less
  • The average color palette of NFTs tends toward purple, reinforcing an aesthetics rooted in technostalgia

iRender Supports NFT Art Community

Digital artists are getting fed up after years of creating highly interactive content on Big Tech platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, they receive almost no value at all, which is why many artists plunge into the digital art industry. All of the world’s artists envision a future where NFT will transform both their creative process and the way the world values art.

Regardless of the trends, beginning with your unique style as an artist is always a good place to start. Besides, iRender is a good choice to speed up your render process and spend more time being creative and selling more your 3D NFT arts, like @NFTVERSE2, @MGXS and @RTFKT who are using 8x RTX 3090 on iRender.

There are a variety of servers from single- GPU 1x RTX 3090 to Multi-GPU 2/4/6 x RTX 3090, you can choose one server that is suitable for your demand and your software to get started. At iRender, you fully control the specification, you fully control your powerful workstation, fully control your project and enjoy the unlimited power of Multi GPUs to be more and more creative. Try RTX 3090 now!

Below is the project THE X EVOLUTIONS. Created in collaboration with the Artist MGXS, the X Evolutions is a project by RTFKT studios, a next-gen sneakers studio creating the future of collectible sneakers for the metaverse. An Evolutive digital item you can use to flex in multiple simulations. As of November 2020, it was placed a bid of 22 ETH, or $64,366.28.

When picking from popular marketplaces, we advise you to stick to the biggest ones. The bigger the marketplace is – the greater the exposure for your art.

  • OpenSea – It’s @RTFKT’s choice. The world’s biggest marketplace for non-fungible tokens and the first NFT marketplace on the Ethereum blockchain. OpenSea offers NFTs in various categories – from digital art and in-game assets to domain names and sports memorabilia. 
  • Rarible – Rarible is a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace that encourages users to engage with each other and comment on the listed NFTs. On the other hand, the site lets artists set ongoing royalty commission rates as high as 30%. 
  • SuperRare – SuperRare prides itself on only offering rare, limited edition pieces of art, selected by the marketplace creators themselves. The marketplace is built as a social network, allowing users to interact with the artwork and artists on display. To get on their platform, you will need to get an existing creator to invite you.

Check out a few performance test videos below to find out why iRender is a favorite place for many 3D NFT artists:

You can start at 3.8 USD to use the beast RTX 3090. You can rest assured that our pricing schemes are the cheapest you have ever found, with rates three times lower than that of other solutions. Besides our hard-to-beat prices, we also offer generous volume discounts, which provide you with credit bonuses depending on how much you top up. Moreover, you can always save up to 20% with our daily/weekly rental.

Selling an NFT of your digital artwork is similar to selling your art in real life. You need to display it, market it on channels like social media, and drive traffic to the listing to make a purchase.

NFTs can feel complex and a little confusing at first. But if you spend the time to understand them, you can make thousands of dollars selling your 3D art. Take the first step and sign up for an account on iRender to speed up your render process and spend more time being creative! Get 20% bonus now!

iRender – Happy Rendering!

Source: fortune.com

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