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Top Maya plugins for modelling

Maya is a comprehensive piece of simulation and animation software. It sets itself apart from other 3D software in areas of animation, lighting and VFX. Despite the extensive nature of the software there is always room for improvement and that is where bespoke plugins come to the fore. Maya has a strong community of developers that have set about making our workflows easier by putting easy to use tools in our hands. In this article we’re going to take a quick look at top Maya plugins for modelling.

Quick Pine

Quick Pipe is a curve – edge – based path creation tool for Maya. It is one of the powerful Maya plugins for modelling. With its selection – based formula, Quick Pipe lets you create simple shapes like tubes , pipes, corrugated pipes, and more complex meshes like tunnels, caves, floaters, floating bevels, welding, and many more. This tool comes with basic shapes that you can choose from to help you define the look of the pipes, Quick Pipes seems to have a limited practical usage but I think if you are creative enough you will use it to speed up the modeling process and do cool stuff with it.


Cable is a script for Maya that will help you to easily create and edit cables. It’s also really quick and you can generate tons of cables in a short period of time. This script can be really effective time and energy – wise when you are working on a scene that requires tons of cables like buildings electricity cables, streets also can have a lot of cables and you can also use this tool for any creative project that requires this type of geometry creation.


Bricklt will allow you to build quickly and easily Lego models in Maya using procedural methods , you can create any type of mesh whether it be a character , a vehicle , or a spaceship. Brickit comes with ready to use pieces that will be the building blocks for the models you will work on. From the first look at it, it does not seem like it can do much but, when you start looking at what artists can do with this kind of Maya modeling plugins you will be amazed, this tool for Maya is fun to use also it allows you to be creative in a different way.


With EasyTerrain is one of the Maya modeling plugins for modelling that will help you make landscapes in a short period of time It comes with a real – world high map database, which means if you want to make the landscape of a particular country you can use the real – world data and make exactly the same terrain that you see in the real world. ( currently , it’s limited to some areas but the developers are planning to cover as much of earth as possible ) In EasyTerrain you can use any shape whether it’s a simple sphere or a person or maybe an island this means you can get creative and use this tool for other purposes that it was not originally intended for EasyTerrain texturing is a simple and easy way to texture the landscape you generated , and you don’t need to be an expert to make your terrain look beautiful.


KTools is a Booleans Toolkit and collection of scripts intended to improve the current booleans workflow in Autodesk Maya. The toolset will allow you to more easily and directly in viewport manipulate objects after you make boolean operation and move/rotate/scale, edit on component level and even use modeling tools like Bevel , Multicut, Extrude..etc while at the same time still keeping boolean operation active . Besides boolean operation, KTools has also a lot of other tools that will most certainly save you time like selecting Hard Edges only , then apply Bevel on them, Dissolve Edges to help you clean the mesh.

Maya Structures

This is one of the best MAYA modeling plugins used mainly for Creating procedural buildings and generating cities in a very short period of time using Maya. You can use ready – to – use building blocks or any other custom model you prefer for the project at hand. Structures is a python script for generating procedural structures, buildings, machines, and many other things in Maya. Works in Maya 2013 and up. NOT compatible with Maya LT.


Modit will support and speed up your hard surface Workflow with the automation of simple and repetitive tasks like Primitives creation, duplicate merge, and so on. This is also another one of Maya modeling plugins that will save you a lot of time with the different ways it can shortcut the modeling process. For instance , you can use it to add small and repetitive pieces such as screws, nuts, bolts, or any other type of geometry that needs to be inserted with the base mesh you originally created. You can also use splines or paths you create to be followed by a repetitive pattern of small pieces of geometry such as a necklace, a chain, or anything like that.


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