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What are the benefits of using render farm service?

What is a Render Farm Service?

Rendering at its basic definition is an automated process where photorealistic or non-photorealistic images are generated from a 2D or 3D model. Most times, this operation is cumbersome for one computer to handle due to the fact that rendering applications (software) require high-end hardware to render efficiently.

A render farm service is an ideal solution for individual freelancers and studios who need access to significant render capabilities on demand.

A render farm service  is an internet based service that allows you to render projects at a significantly shorter time than if you were to render them on your own. If you had a 3D scene, a video edit or anything that you need output to images, you could send it to a render farm and it would make use of a large host of computers to render those images for you.

Benefits of using render farm service

1. Saving time

Having a project rendered on several servers in parallel means that it will finish faster. If you’re a creator with a single computer to work with, rendering can eat up hours or days of your time, no matter how carefully you optimize your scene or watch your polycount; time that could have been spent refining other aspects of your work. The main purpose of a render farm is to speed up the rendering of your projects.

2. Saving money

Setting up a high quality PC or a personal rendering farm that can take care of all your rendering needs can be very costly considering the high price of PCs with advanced CPU cores and other hardware specifications. Besides that, even the least rendering project can last for hours, and sometimes up to a full day. In such cases, you will be required to run your PCs for up 24-hrs every day. Besides, you don’t need to invest to build a workstation with configuration hardware.

3. Convenience and be supported

When you send a project to a farm, you free your own computer. This means that you won’t have a constant source of noise and heat running 24/7 in your house or office. And it also means that you can use that computer to do other work. Or to play that great game you never have the time to finish. 

Almost all render farm services have interfaces that are clearly, friendly, and easy access to the dashboard and their system. And they all have an enthusiastic and professional support team


It’s best to plan from the very beginning if you’re going to need a render farm, or whether you have enough time to spare to dedicate to rendering, this way you can budget around it. I think even if you have a powerful computer,  it’s still a problem when you render a heavy project. That’s a reason many render farms have been established.

You can experience one of them as iRender farm service. We provide high computer configuration for rental to accelerate rendering projects. You retain complete control of our server. Do not share performance of configuration with others while you use it. Moreover, iRender is easy to automate the saving of storage, environment, software which you install on the remote server. Besides that, we have a great customer service to take care of all your questions and needs on a 24/7 basis. We also have a fast and secure platform for clients like you to make use of our awesome rendering power.

Register via this link and enjoy our service!

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