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Why We Should Choose iRender for EEVEE Rendering?

There are cases where users will need a faster render speed than accuracy, and EEVEE was born to meet that demand. Eevee (Extra Easy Virtual Environment Engine) is Blender’s most recent internal render engine, powered by the same code used for the Unreal Engine developed by Epic Games. Though it is hard to compete with Cycles in terms of image quality, Eevee is still completely unique and stands out at its unrivaled speed.

This physical render engine is not only used as a renderer but also for physical rendering (PBR) along with a huge asset that will certainly give you impressive and instant results in the Viewport. While the Unreal Engine is primarily used for gaming, Eevee Rendering will get the most out of animation and VFX.

Image Source: Artyom Budin

Eevee can’t achieve the same fidelity as a production ray tracer like Cycles because Eevee’s built for real-time rendering and look development, with a PBR feature set that parallels real-time engines like Unreal Engine and Lumberyard to supports bloom, ambient occlusion, depth of field, screen-space reflections, motion blur, volumetrics, and indirect light baking. Additionally, it performs a bit better on Nvidia cards than AMD, and here are the reasons:

Another difference from Cycles, Eevee is only going to make use of one of graphic card. The reason is that multiple graphic cards CANNOT work together to render a single frame using rasterization which is what Eevee uses , so it will perform best when it benefits from high VRAM capacity. If EEVEE is your primary application, then we recommend using NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards as they generally have higher performance at a lower cost. The best NVIDIA GPUs for Rendering are:

Let’s check the NVIDIA Geforce performance in Blender EEVEE:

Image Source:

Keep this in mind, iRender provides server 3 owning Xeon W-2245 CPU Processor with a high clock speed of 3.9 GHz- 4.7GHz and 512 GB SSD to specifically support the software only make use of a single card. This server comes with the latest RTX 3090 card from Nvdidia with the VRAM capacity up to 24GB.

Why this is the best option for EEVEE user?

  1. As we all know, single threaded tasks benefit from higher clock speeds, at least over 3.0 GHz. That is the reason we provide Xeon W-2245 CPU Processor with a high clock speed of 3.9 GHz- 4.7GHz and 512 GB SSD to specifically support  the software only make use of a single card
  2. If you’re using Blender, even for low-poly modeling and simple scenes, you will need at least 16-32GB of RAM for your PC to work well. If you tend to multitask and this is not your first workstation build, more than 64GB will help you limit data loss and improve Blender’s stability. That’s also the reason iRender provides our customers 128 – 256GB RAM memory to help hold data of multiple programs running in parallel, so multitasking (running multiple apps at the same time) is smoother and more quickly.
  3. Regarding pricethe hourly rental for package RTX x 3090 is only 3.8$/h. But customers can always save up to 40% with our Fixed Rental feature. For those who have extremely large project, we advise to choose daily/ weekly/monthly rental. The discount is attractive (30% for daily packages, 40% for weekly, and 40% for monthly packages).
  4. iRender is one of a few render farms providing a unique transfer file tool, without having to access to a third party for transfering data. With this tool called GpuHub- Sync, you can upload your data even when the remote server is turned off and it will automatically sync to the remote servers and vice versa.

With the above advantages and the machine configuration package that iRender has released, we believe that EEVEE users will have the most comfortable and effective rendering time.

So, do not hesitate anymore. Become a member of the iRender community today to stop wasting pointless hours of rendering. Always at the forefront of cutting-edge graphics technology, we do the rendering, the creativity is yours!

iRender – Happy Rendering!


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