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GPU Recommendations For Rendering Blender 2023

For Blender professionals as well as hobbyists looking to optimize their 3D modeling and rendering experience, finding the best GPU is a priority. GPU plays a critical role not only in rendering but also in determining the number of models, textures, etc. Blender is known for utilizing the GPU’s power for its built-in rendering engine.
In this article, we will explore the GPU recommendations for rendering Blender. Therefore, you can make a well-informed choice to improve your creative workflow.

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How an IaaS farm is a choice for your VR content?

VR has grown so fast in terms of content and creativity. It’s a challenge for 3D artists, because it will require 360-degree environments and high-resolution 8k images. This leads to high-end hardware to be able to meet the demands of VR content.
In this article, let’s see if one normal render farm can help you with VR rendering and how an IaaS farm is a better choice for your VR content?

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Twinmotion cloud rendering with powerful single RTX4090

Twinmotion is a real-time immersive 3D architectural visualisation tool to produce high quality CGI, animations, and standard or 360° VR videos without the usual long render times.
We all know that real-time rendering software will only use one GPU to render. Before, it’s RTX3090 to be one of the best consumer cards for Twinmotion. Right now, with the release of RTX4090, let’s see how it help you in term of Twinmotion’s high-end rendering.

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Top GPU for Redshift, Octane and V-Ray in 2023

I bet you have once wondered which GPU you should use for your 3d rendering engines. Which one is the best in terms of raw power, rendering speed, cost efficiency, etc.? In this article, let’s explore in detail some of the top GPU for Redshift, Octane and V-Ray in 2023.
We will compare the latest customer graphics cards like RTX3090/4090 with workstation cards like RTX A5000/A6000.

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CUDA vs OptiX Render in Blender Cycles

Blender is an open-source 3D software that supports almost all aspects of the 3D development process. One of the most important features of Blender is its ability to use GPU rendering to accelerate the rendering process.
Two popular options for GPU rendering in Blender are CUDA and OptiX. In this article today, we will compare CUDA and OptiX in Blender Cycles.

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Rendering solution for Mac users to use Path Tracer in Unreal Engine

Path Tracer is an increasingly improved render engine in Unreal Engine, especially in Unreal Engine 5. With the development of Unreal Engine, this render engine is becoming more powerful providing multiple benefits to artists. However, using Path Tracer is quite difficult for Mac users due to its ray tracing requirement, but there is a way to solve that problem. Let’s cover rendering solution for Mac users to use Path Tracer in Unreal Engine with iRender in today’s article.

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