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What’s in the Houdini 20.5 update recently released by Side FX?

A few weeks ago, during Annecy Festival 2024, SideFX previewed Houdini 20.5, a major update to the studio’s flagship procedural 3D software, introducing a host of new workflows, features, and improvements were announced in mid-July. In this article, let’s explore with iRender the new features in the Houdini 20.5 update recently released by Side FX.

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Create High-Quality Renders with Movie Render Queue in Unreal Engine

Are you a game developer or an animator looking to create stunning, high-quality renders of your scenes or gameplay from Unreal Engine? Look no further, as Unreal Engine’s Movie Render Queue feature is here to make your rendering process smooth and efficient.

In this blog, let’s learn how to create high-quality renders with the MRQ plugin in Unreal Engine with iRender. We will also talk about how to use CLI Encoder to automatically generate various popular file formats like mov, mxf, and mp4.

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Understanding Retopology Modifiers in Blender

Many people still do not know about the retopology editor in Blender and how to use this tool. Retopology modifiers in Blender provide various tools and options to streamline the process of creating optimized meshes for many purposes, ultimately saving time and effort for 3D artists and modelers. So, what is Retopology in Blender defined as?
Let’s explore the Retopology modifiers in Blender in our blog today!

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Checking upcoming AI render engine for Cinema 4D – Airen 4D

A demo video for Airen 4D, the upcoming AI render engine for Cinema 4D, has been released in February by Cinema 4D plugin developer Merk. It’s introduced to use the Stable Diffusion AI models to turn simple block-out geometry into photorealistic renders, adding “intricate details, lighting effects and realistic textures”.

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How to Customize Your Interface in Daz Studio

Daz Studio is a great design software becoming increasingly popular in the 3D design community. Daz Studio offers a default layout called City Limits Light, which provides the essential tools for your 3D workflow needs.. In this blog post, iRender will explore the various ways to customize your interface in Daz Studio and make your workflow more efficient. Let’s get started!

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Why is Side FX Houdini always the top choice for VFX?

SideFX Houdini is a 3D animation and visual effects software primarily used for 3D game development, architectural visualization, simulation techniques, and visual effects for films. Houdini comes with a comprehensive feature set that covers all the major areas of 3D production. That includes modeling, animation, dynamics, particle effects, rendering, compositing, and others.

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How to render with multiple GPUs in Redshift efficiently?

Redshift, a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer, can significantly speed up rendering times by utilizing multiple GPUs. But to get the most out of this powerful feature, you need to know the secrets of efficient multi-GPU rendering. In this article, we’ll explore the best way to render with multiple GPUs efficiently in Redshift, helping you reduce rendering times and boost productivity.

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Best 3D Lighting Software You Need To Know in 2024

Why your scene doesn’t look realistic? Keep an eye on 3D lighting! Light makes everything in the 3D environment look beautiful, bringing emotions to the viewer. Using specialized software, artists build lighting in scenes that highlight characters and objects, evoking emotions and supporting storytelling.
In the previous blog Overview of 3D Lighting in Animation, we learned the basics of 3D lighting. This week, let’s continue to explore the best 3D lighting software worth investing in with iRender!

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