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U-Render: All the Speed of a Game Engine

U-RENDER brings the latest advancements of real-time rendering to your established rendering pipeline. Currently available for Maxon Cinema 4D, this plugin integrates into the existing rendering pipeline and is designed to support and even replace offline CPU rendering software and GPU rendering solutions.

Last week, we discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the big threeArnoldRedshift, and Octane for Cinema4D. In this article, let’s find out why U-Render is increasingly preferred over Physical Render and which configuration will bring blazingly high speed to this plugin?

System Requirements

      • 64-bit Intel or AMD x64-based processor, 2 GHz or faster
      • 8 GB or more of RAM
      • 64-bit Windows 10
      • 1 GB of available hard-disk space for 64-bit installation. Additional free space required during installation and for optional, additional materials
      • at least 1920 x 1080 display resolution with 32-bit color
      • Cinema4D R16 – R24

This host plug-in for Cinema 4D has fully integrated real-time rendering. You can choose to send the scene to the standalone U-RENDER studio for rendering as well.

Graphics Processor Requirements

      • GPU: AMD or NVIDIA
      • 3 GB or more of graphics VRAM (8 GB or more recommended to run with Cinema4D)
      • OpenGL 4.5 capable
      • Multi-GPU setups (NVIDIA SLI, AMD Crossfire) are not supported

This engine uses OpenGL, so it is GPU-based. It uses rasterization – like game engines – to achieve render times within milliseconds. Therefore, GPU is the most important factor for performance in U-Render.

U-Render only supports single graphic card. The reason is that multiple graphic cards CANNOT work together to render a single frame using rasterization, so the render capabilities will be affected when it benefits from high VRAM capacity. If this engine is your primary application, then we recommend using NVIDIA Geforce graphics cards as they generally have higher performance at a lower cost. The best NVIDIA GPUs for rendering are:

What Are Key Features?

Fastest Rendering

Blazing Speed of a Game Engine

Move faster than ever before. With Live Mode rendering all changes are synchronized to the renderer immediately. This enables you to move at the speed of thought.

Carry your setup through to compositing. U-RENDER fully integrates in your rendering pipeline. With support for multi-pass rendering you have all the power of post-production at your fingertips. All while rendering your frames within seconds.

The render speed comparison between U-Render and Cinema4D Physical Render:

      • U-Render: only 1 sec, GTX 1060 6GB VRAM
      • Physical Render: 10m21s, CPU i7-5960X @3.0Ghz

Tight Cinema4D intergration

Tightly integrated. No Data Pipeline required

It integrates blazingly fast real-time rendering into Cinema 4D. Accelerate your creative flow using real-time rendering while using the familiar rendering pipeline of Cinema 4D.

Boost your productivity using the Live rendering mode and see changes immediately. All from within Cinema 4D.

Volumetric Rendering

Real-time Haze, Fog and Participating Media

Dedicated Volume Objects allow for easy control over placement and properties of volumes. Lights have individual settings for volumetric light contribution and shadow behavior. Volumes themselves can be self-shadowing and cast shadows into the scene on a light-by-light basis.

Animated, procedural 3D noises and gradients allow for full creative control over the appearance of volumes.

The Best Cloud Rendering Service for U-Render & Cinema4D

There are very few render farms supporting U-Render because it only supports a single card. However, we are proud that we support U-Render very well. iRender provides you a personal cloud computer with powerful hardware (100% performance – no virtualization). That means you can install any software and render engine or do render even from a laptop so long as you have a stable internet connection.

Based on the above analysis, iRender provides a specific server for U-Render clients: Xeon W-2245 CPU Processor with a high clock speed of 3.9 GHz- 4.7GHz and 512 GB SSD to specifically support the software making use of a single card. This server comes with the latest RTX 3090 from NVIDIA and the VRAM capacity up to 24GB.

Support 24/7

iRender has a great number of enthusiastic staff that are always ready to support you 24/7. Whenever you have trouble using our server, or even with your software, we – iRender Support Team are always there to help you solve your problem. We believe the quality of support we provide is as vital as the technology we deliver. We provide unmatched support tailored to your specific needs and goals. What Cinema4D users can get from iRender is not only the best quality products but also the high security and the most comfortable render time.

Free Transferring Files

iRender is one of a few render farms providing a unique transfer file tool, without having to access a third party for transferring data. With this tool called GpuHub- Sync, you can upload your data even when the remote server is turned off and it will automatically sync to the remote servers and vice versa. We provide storage space of up to 1TB  for you and most importantly, it is completely free and no subscription fee.

Cheapest Price

Finally, price is an extremely important factor for users. You can rest assured that our pricing schemes are the cheapest you have ever found, with rates three times lower than that of other solutions. Besides our hard-to-beat prices, we also offer generous volume discounts, which provide you with credit bonuses depending on how much you top up. Moreover, you can always save up to 40% with our daily/ weekly/monthly rental. In addition, we often have attractive promotions to thank our beloved customers. SPECIAL OFFER for this September: Get 50% BONUS for all newly registered users. Let’s CHECK IT OUT!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach us via Whatsapp: +(84) 981-868-890. We will be ready to help you in any way!  Become a member of the iRender community today to stop wasting pointless hours of rendering. Always at the forefront of cutting-edge graphics technology, we do the rendering, the creativity is yours!

iRender – Happy Rendring!


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