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What can iRender Viet Nam Offers to customers?

iRender Viet Nam currently one of the most famous 3D Designing and rendering server rental services in the CG industry today. According to Rentrender, iRender is ranked top 1 in rendering and graphic designing server rental services. So essentially what advantages can iRender offer the customers to top the list of render farm with the best service at present?

1. Lots of choices for customers:

This is one of the strong points that make iRender so popular, liked and appreciated. With iRender, customers can choose from many different service packages depending on their requirements.

IRender’s machine configuration is extremely diverse, with a full range of options from CPU render, Single GPU render to Multi GPUs Render. Each configuration has its own strengths.

Customers can find out here for more details about server packages.

In particular, with the Nvlink software integrated in the RTX 3090 GPU driver configuration, users will no longer have to worry about the “out of memory” error due to one of the GPUs not having enough VRAM capacity. NvLink will help connect the VRAM of 6 GPUs and divide the amount of VRAM in accordance with the workload that each GPU undertakes.

– In addition to the configuration options to suit the intended use of the customer, iRender also has the fixed rental option to help save as much as possible at the customer’s cost. Depending on the workload, users can choose the rental service packages by hour, day, week, and month accordingly. One more advantageous point for customers is that now, iRender is offering a 30% discount on daily rental, 50% weekly rental and 60% monthly rental (when compared to hourly rates).

From the customer’s point of view, having more options in configuration and rental time will help customers have more choices, better balance their budget.

2. Lots of convenience and easy to use functions

First, we should talk about support for operating systems. With the operation on web app, any operating system with web browser can use iRender service. Currently, iRender servers are running with 2 OS options: Window 10 and Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS (Ubuntu OS only supports 6 GPUs server packages).

The method of use is also very easy as follows:

– Sign up for an account here.

– Recharge your account to use.

– Transfer required data.

– Choose the configuration package and time suitable for the job.

– Get server with full control to get work done.

The client uses iRender’s server just like using a regular computer. Users can install any software, help tool and application they want. Detailed instructions on this can be found here.

The server control is also very easy, after successfully booting, customers will see icons as shown below.

When you click the connect button, a .RDP file will be downloaded to the customer’s computer. Users just need to open the file, log in with the iRender account they are using to be able to connect to the server and have full rights to use the machine. After connecting to the server by the RDP (Remote Desktop Program) system, users can manually install whatever design and render software they are using on the server (users will have to provide their own license key) only once. The system will save all settings, configurations and software that customers have installed on the server so that they do not have to spend more time reinstalling for the next use.

In addition, iRender also provides customers with a number of other useful features and tools such as:

– Clone feature: The clone feature allows users to copy all data of a server (including memory, software, configurations installed in that server) and create one or many copies of that server for use. This is a very useful feature and saves a lot of installation time when the customer wants to work on multiple servers with the same software system, settings and configurations, or when the customer wants to back up data of the server they are using.

– GPUhub Sync Data Transfer Software: This software is specially designed by iRender for users with the aim of reducing the waiting time when transferring files between users’ PC to the servers. With its high speed, ease of use and good features, this software is an effective tool for customers. Learn more about GPUhub Sync here.

3. Useful information channels and 24/7 support.

Along with high quality service, iRender also has a great staff. With a system of diverse communication channels from social networks (facebook, twitter, Instagram …) to messaging and communication apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype …, the support for customers will be really fast and effective. Technical team and customer care are available 24/7, including holidays. With many years of experience and lots of members with extensive and deep knowledge in the use of design and rendering software, iRender is committed to providing you with the best service with a professional and experienced support team. iRender Hotline is ready to listen to the user’s comments, answer questions and problems in the fastest time and with high efficiency.

iRender blog will provide you with lots of useful information, tips & tricks to improve your design, rendering, and analysis articles about the features of the design and rendering software as well as  information about the latest updates.

4. High security service:

With iRender, our service privacy policy is clearly represented on the service features:

– When you use our virtual machine, you will be the only one with the right to use and exploit the performance from that virtual machine. Also, no one can intervene without the user’s permission.

– After shutting down the virtual machine, your data will be virtualized by iRender’s control system into a data file and uploaded to S3 on Amazon. Whenever users need to use the server, this data file will be downloaded by iRender’s control system and physicalized to be a server for the user to use in the next time. By not storing the customers’ data in any cache on the server system, it will help customer information to be absolutely secure at the highest level.

5. An extremely attractive and competitive price:

The last but also the most important thing iRender Viet Nam offers its customers are a good price. According to Rentrender, iRender Viet Nam is currently in the top 1 in rendering farm with the best price and best service.

When you have signed up to use our service, what you get is not limited to just rendering to create the final product. It is also a good service with high security for your data; features, software and utilities included to help you save money, time and reduce stress while working; useful information, tips to help you do a better job; The technical team and customer care staff are always ready to assist you 24/7 to solve any problems and problems you have.

In addition, there will always be promotions and preferences for subjects such as students, universities, training centers and educational projects; Individuals or organizations that want to become collaborators or long-term partners with iRender will receive certain benefits. So what are you waiting for? Register your account with iRender today to receive the above benefits.

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