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How do we manage to provide the best prices on GPU servers rental in the long term?

iRender is a pioneer software company based in Vietnam in providing high performance GPU servers to accelerate rendering and scientific computing, deep machine learning and blockchain tasks.

We provide the most affordable and best prices on GPU on the market with computing cluster of up to 1500 Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti and 1500 RTX 2080 Ti GPUs, total of 2,500,000 CUDA cores, allowing high performance distributed parallel computation.​ We are paying particular attention to giving powerful computing performance inexpensively on our platform irendering.net. They possess a lot of advantages in the worlds of Data Science, Programming and Computer Graphicscame.

Using the servers is no different than using any other computer you’ve had. It takes 5 clicks to boost a new system and 20 minutes to load it up the first time. You can install any application you like and use the image as if it was your own computer. Each image is an independent system you can reuse (when you finish your work it’s saved, and then loaded when you turn on the server another time.). We also supply a unique tool to transfer files called GPUhub-sync, which allows you to upload/ download directly on your workstation without accessing to the virtual machines. Thus, it saves your time and money for transferring data.

iRender offers best prices on GPU dedicated servers at 10x times less than AWS, Azure and 5x times less than GPU servers at smaller competitors! Compare our servers performance and price with major companies such as GPU instances from AWS, GPU instances from Google and Azure and GPU servers from small competitors. You’ll be surprised!

So, what makes Irender become the best financial option for GPU servers rental?

1. The low- priced electrical power supply

Firstly, Irender’s Data Center is accommodated in Vietnam, so we utilize one of the world’s cheapest electricity, times less expensive than in highly populated regions. In 2019, the average electricity price was estimated to amount to $0.08 U.S. cents per kilowatt hour, 60 percent lower than France ($0.2 cents per kilowatt-hour) and 77 percent lower than Germany ($0.35 cents per kilowatt-hour) (according to a recent paper published by Statista.com 2020) . That makes Vietnam rank one of the lowest electricity costs in the world.

Moreover, thanks to the government policies for technology companies in Vietnam, the retail electricity price for us is maintained stably in 10 years. Especially, we are building a green data center which is generated by solar power, and it is natural, friendly to the environment. As a result of Vietnamese geographical features, the sunlight which is available on the average of 9 to 10 months per year ensures a rich green electric power for Irender’s Data Center.

Undoubtedly, every time you use IRender services, you make contributions on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and protecting our green planet.

2. The inexpensive cost of workforce

Secondly, due to the workforce cost in Vietnam is very affordable. According to survey data, Viet Nam has a population of around 90 million; 70% of which is of labor age. Labor supplies workforce between the working ages currently accounts for nearly half of the total labor force in Vietnam. The share of trained workers within the working-age was estimated at 35.5 percent in 2019. Our great strengths are the highly professional technicians and graphic designers who are among those experts. However, the average pay range that the company must pay for those skillful experts is significantly as high as 50% to 70% on the same qualified positions on the global market.


These crucial factors are sustainable in the long term, which permits iRender to keep the costs as low as possible and customers can benefit from the best prices on GPU dedicated servers and VPS rent.

We can customize and configure server hardware upon the request: memory, SSD, HDD and even number of GPUs can be added. Our technical experts also support to install software or operating systems up on your request. We are a young company with great skills and decent experience in building powerful computing centers. On top of that, we are working hard to make us better version of ourselves day by day and provide you excellent personalized service!

Create an account here to get a coupon of 100% additional bonus on your purchases or contact us at [email protected] if you have any question.

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