August 28, 2021 Bella

Launching iRender App for your mobile phone

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our new app called iRender for your mobile phone. We have been tirelessly working to develop this app that allows you to use iRender services at ease. And we believe that al you guys will love it ?

What the iRender App brings to your?

  • All-in-one management platform: With the friendly and easy-to-use interface, you can completely use almost the features and operations of iRender cloud service as you were using your personal computer.
  • Quick actions: Our iRender’s App has full features such as: boot machine, connect to server, shutdown, schedule to shut down, clone image, fixed rental, and hardware fixation. How extremely convenient!
  • Mobile payment: In addition, the payment process will become faster and more convenient than ever because your payment apps are already available on your phone. With just a few simple steps, you can recharge to us, ensuring the server is up and running throughout the rendering process. Moreover, it also ensures more security for your payment.
  • Remote server management at your fingers: You can completely monitor your rendering process anywhere, anytime, with just a small cell phone.

In addition to benefiting individual customers, the iRender app is ideal for teamwork as the leader can easily manage team members according to each system image, check the billing history and the remaining iRender points, make payments directly on the app. While members of the team can also control their work by checking the server state or set a scheduler to shut down the server.

How to use iRender App?

We believe you will easily get used to it. However, you can also refer to this tutorial here.

Download the iRender app

We now release the app for Android devices. Download this app now to get the best ever cloud server experience!

(You are using IOS devices? Don’t worry, it will be available soon ?)

Thank you!

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